divinity, death, desire (tao_ov_dreaming) wrote in scottish_gaelic,
divinity, death, desire

Another translation request

Since I don't know anyone in meatspace that is also learning Gaidhlig I'm finding ways to increase my own use of it daily. I've decided to start praying in Gaidhlig. One prayer I'm trying to get a translation for is the Jesus Prayer, which is "Lord have mercy". So far I know that prayer in English, Latin, and even Syriac but I can't find it online in Gaidhlig.

Would anyone happen to know how to say it?

Nevermind. Wiki had the answer: A Thighearna, dèan tròcair oirnn

Talking of prayer I thought I'd share a vid on youtube I found of a little kid saying the Lord's Prayer:

Tapadh Leibh!
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