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I have a couple of questions. We just did that past and the future tense in class and it all works relatively well, but there are a few other minor, but probably rather important things that are now in my mind when I have to answer questions and stuff.

Particle "a"

When I ask a question the particle "a" is inserted after interrogatives that end in a consonant, so making it:
Dè tha seo? but
Carson a tha e a'dol don eaglais?

BUT: what do I do if I add another word between the interrogative and the subject?

Like: What food is on the table?
Dè biadh tha air a' bhòrd?
or: Dè biadh a tha air a' bhòrd? .... since we also ask "Dè an uair a tha e?" rather than say "Dè an uair tha e?"


Calum read it (the book) as well. - Where does the "it" go?
Is it: Leugh Calum e cuideachd. - at least I think I would put the book there if it were specified rather than in it's pronominal form.

cia mheud:

How many didn't eat the food? - do you have to add a subject or just leave it the way it is in English?

Cia mheud (duine?) nach do dh’ ithe am biadh?


I noticed that ciamar is very often translated as "why"? How do I know whether the question should be "why" or "how"?

eg.: Ciamar a choisicheas sinn?
How will we walk (gu socair) or why do we walk (oir bidh an latha fliuch a-màireach)

Tapadh leibh!
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