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Help with a family motto?

Hello fellow Gaelic speakers! I've been lurking for a long time as I'm very much a beginner in the language (I've only been taking classes on and off for a couple of years). I really enjoy reading all your posts, or at least attempting too :)

I have a favour to ask of those of you who have Gaelic as their first language or have at least been speaking it for a long time. I would like to get my families motto tattooed around my wrist. The motto is 'All is good to the good' or in latin 'Bonis Omnia Bona'. What goes around comes around etc..

Anyway, only being a beginner, I'm not confident that my translation into Scottish Gaelic would be accurate and since it is a tattoo I would like to be pretty sure it is correct. So can anyone translate 'All is good to the good' in to Gaelic for me? I greatly appreciate any help.
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