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Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta (National Spring School) 2010, ANU Canberra, Australia

Friday 10 to Sunday 12 Sep 2010 School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra

In 2010, we will conduct another National Gaelic School following on from the success of our inaugural event last year.

CGA in conjunction with the Gaelic Society of Victoria are again supported by the Gaelic Society of WA, Coisir Ghàidhlig Astràilianach, Brisbane Gaels, Southerly Gaels, Ruth Lee Martin, School of Music, ANU and the ACT, South Australian and Tasmanian learner groups.

The Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta (Scottish Gaelic National Spring School) will be held at the School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra, from Friday evening 10 September to Sunday afternoon 12 September 2010.

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